Anna Mathis
Anna Mathis

Inspiration is something that you need to chase. It is a thing that makes you jump out of bed, or asks you to pull the car over, because you just have to get a little down sketch in your note book before it slips away. My inspiration comes to me from all directions, whether it’s the smell in the air, or a new technique I could try. My mediums are what I use to execute these ideas; raw wool from the sheep, natural dyes from my back yard and many types colourful and textured yarns. I create spun, woven, felted and knitted pieces with utilitarian function; items with every day uses such as tea towels and rugs.   

Anna Mathis is a fiber artist; she graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in June 2014, and is an international award winner for her textile designs.  Hand spun art yarns, hand woven wall hangings, and wearable felted sculptures are all a part of her creations and explorations in textiles. As an artist, entrepreneurial characteristics are very important for success, and Mrs. Mathis has begun to demonstrate these qualities. Since being accepted into UNB’s Summer Institute, Foundry program, Mrs. Mathis has started a business called Ploome Fiber Arts; this business sells finished products as well as educational kits. These kits are designed to teach the public about the time and effort that goes into this craft by getting them learning the skills and making the items themselves. She is currently enrolled in the UNB Adult Education program to combine teaching with her art, and she plans to share her passion in order to increase the value of fine craft in New Brunswick.



2014             Diploma in Fine Craft: Fiber Arts, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

2012             Foundation Visual Arts Certificate, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design


2014             “Sea Spun” Solo show, Grand Manan Art Gallery, NB

2014             “Textiliscious” Gallery at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design NB

2014             “Graduate Show”Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton NB

2014             “The Snow Queen”Gallery at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, NB

Professional Organizations

2014             Member – Fiber Arts Network

Professional Experience

2014             Workshop – Funky Felting, Artzone, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

2013             Demonstration – Craft Council show, Fredericton Convention Center, NB

Visiting Artist Lectures

2014             Demonstration – Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design


2014             Virginia Jackson Design Competition – First Place, Dobby Category, High Point, North Carolina, USA

Anna Haines, a fibre arts student, a caring, loving, and free spirited individual that gets her inspiration from nature. She has such a colourful personality and has always had a passion for textiles. Having her own little family of rabbits and chickens, she loves to make her art straight from the source.  A quote from: Jasminelandry.blogspot.com

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